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Let me translate for you!

With 12 years in the French education system (5 - 16 years old), currently completing a Master's in French while working at a news agency in French, it goes without saying that I'm completely fluent in... French.  

As well as English! My native language, which I have been speaking ever since I was a very young Joe,  thanks to my British parents and five years spent living in the US. 

My main areas of specialty include press, marketing and CVs/ Cover Letters, and I have 2+ years experience translating alongside my studies.

I hold a DELF Certificate, an International Baccalaureate Diploma as well as a French National Diploma, all available upon request. 

If you'd like help with any translation project, please get in touch using the form below! My rates vary depending upon the type of project, and I charge per word.

Of course, I could be a robot,  or even worse a lying human, so you'll also find some examples of my translations further down the page. 

translation request

Feel free to write to me in English or Français 😊

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